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Service Fees

In an effort to support local businesses we ask our customers to assist with the payment processing fees.

Here is How You Make a Difference:

Every time a credit card is swiped the businesses is charged a flat rate fee AND a percentage fee. This is on top of having pricy subscription costs for the Payment Processors.

The Fees Add Up:

These fees can add up. For one businesses they could pay their chagrin rent on the fees alone. Not being able to afford rent is one of the major reasons businesses go out of businesses.

If this is a lot to ask...

we understand and are fully onboard for reimbursing you those fees, we just need you to fill in the information at the bottom of the page, and we will be happy to reimburse you the fee.

Thank you for Supporting Independent Businesses!

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Fee Reimbursement

Thanks for submitting!

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