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Guides for how to navigate FallsPay

This is the instructions for processing an order ahead order that comes as a receipt.

1. Order Prints

A new order is printed on the receipt printer.

2. Confirm you can complete the order
3. Open FallsPay Business App and "Confirm" the order
4. Prepare the order
5. Tap "Ready for Pickup" in the FallsPay App
6. Give Order to person when they arrive!

Want to redeem your rewards? Follow these instructions

How to use rewards on FallsPay:

  1. There is no minimum rewards points required for you to redeem.

  2. Rewards points work at all locations.

  3. Rewards points work the same regardless of order ahead or in-person.

How to pay in person with FallsPay:

  1. Inform the employee you want to use FallsPay

  2. Open the app and select the buttons "Scan" or "Pay"

  3. Place the QR code generated by the business in view of your devices in-app camera

  4. After the QR code automatically scans, then choose if you want to complete your payment with a tip

  5. Then you are DONE!!

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