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Guides for how to navigate FallsPay

To Begin to Add/Change Store Hours, Open FallsPay Business App

Login and navigate to the dashboard menu (click the three lines)

Locate Store "Location" you would like to edit hours for. Click on it.

Scroll down to locate Hours of Operation

Choose new hours by clicking the days and/or time or by "Add Exception" to add new lines.

When updated, select "Save".

These directions walk you through the use of a promo code for order ahead.

1. Adding Items to Cart

2. Process Tip Screen

3. Add Promo Code

This is the instructions for processing an order ahead order that comes as a receipt.

1. Order Prints

A new order is printed on the receipt printer.

2. Confirm you can complete the order
3. Open FallsPay Business App and "Confirm" the order
4. Prepare the order
5. Tap "Ready for Pickup" in the FallsPay App
6. Give Order to person when they arrive!

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