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How take a FallsPay Payment as an Employee: In Person


Use Case: A customer asks you, the employee, to pay via FallsPay when checking out. Here is what you do:

Step 1: Enter the order as usual in your POS system

The same steps work regardless of the location, whether you are completing the transaction at a table, at a counter, or at a market, the process works the same. Enter the the order into your kiosk/POS (Point-of-Sale) system like you typically would. In this use of FallsPay you are using it as an alternative payment method. Instead of pressing credit or cash you would press "FallsPay" or "Other" or "Other Payment Method"

Step 2: Pull up the FallsPay app, click BillPay and enter the total amount shown in the POS system

Open the FallsPay Business app. Once the FallsPay Business app is open, press the home button, if it is not already on this screen. Find the button that says "BillPay". Add the total amount that you have listed on your POS device. Add a Description, only if your manager or boss has instructed you to.

Step 3: Generate QR code and show to the customer. The customer scans the QR code on their phone and you are all done!

A QR code will appear. Swivel or show your device to the customer so that they can scan the code. The QR code will disappear when successfully scanned. In the event that the qr code does not disappear on its own, ask to see the screen of the customers device to confirm.

Step 4: You can look back at past order anytime within the FallsPay app

At this time the payment is complete, if the customer chooses to add a tip, then they will do that at this time. You can easily look back through the transaction history in the tab "Orders" to confirm that the order went through, or see the details of the order.


What is FallsPay?

FallsPay is a payment and rewards app specific to Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

What are the benefits for customers to use FallsPay?

Customers can earn universal rewards regardless of the business that they shop. The rewards can be redeemed at any participating FallsPay location during checkout. FallsPay also supports local nonprofits each month and saves businesses on transaction fees.

What are the benefits for businesses to use FallsPay?

Businesses that use FallsPay do not have to pay credit card processing fees. A signficant saving to the business. Businesses that do not offer rewards can now be a part of a rewards system.

Why is it locally branded?

We at FallsPay believe that technology and convenience can/should feel a part of the community and not an intruder from the outside.

Where can a customer find the button to scan for FallsPay?

It can be found on the home screen of the app, or at the bottom of the app where it says in the menu bar "Pay". Customers need to make sure they have a card on file and money in the account to use FallsPay.

A customer is interested in using FallsPay, but does not have an account yet, what should I tell them?

If it is busy at your store or restaurant, encourage them to download the app for next time, or if they have time and it is not too busy they can download the app and sign up right then. Instruct them it will take about 5min to setup an account and enter payment information.

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